How many gadgets does an average individual have in their homes?

Okay so a friend and I were arguing about how many electronic gadgets a person has in their home. He argued that in this day and era, there are people who do not use electronic gadgets at all. I said an average person in 2019 has used or uses at least one gadget.

Now let’s define the word gadget according to the Cambridge English Dictionary: a small device or machine with a specific purpose. Examples of gadgets are phones, laptops, monitors, watches, smart coffee machines, mart doorbells, television sets, smart ventilators, Amazon Echo etc.

So, I asked my friend, how many households currently do not have at least one of the above- mentioned gadgets? I mean if you don’t have anything at all at least you have a television set which a typical home in a village here in my country Ghana, uses.

Now he played the age card and said that most elderly people are not used to technology and so do not use gadgets. Then I said that is a big lie! I personally know people as old as my grandparents who use mobile phones. Yes, they might not be able to use all the applications on a phone but at least they can make phone calls with them and that is using them.

Aside from that my friend said gadgets are expensive and so some people stay away from them. My answer was that yes some are expensive but that does not prevent people from using gadgets. Like sizes, gadgets come in all shapes and forms as well as prices. If like me you cannot afford an Apple Iphone, you can easily go for a less expensive phone and you still get to use the gadget, simple. Now be the judge, do you think I won the argument?