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Data is very important in every business. Don’t let a hard drive crash halt your business activities. With our specialist and sophisticated software available to us, we can assure you that every data on your hard drive can be restored and usable to your business again.

Insurance won’t pay for your cracked smartphone screen? No worries to you. Let us worry about it. Our professional can restore your smartphone to its newer version with a brand new screen. No matter the phone brand, iPhone, Samsung, Nokia Huawei, No problem.

What our customers say about us

I was a bit skeptic about Arafen, but surprisingly they restored my phone screen and it works perfectly.

Kelso Kane

Arafen has an outstanding service and affordable price. I would certainly recommend them to anyone!

Henry Jackson

My hard drive was dead as good. I am surprised at the speed these guys retrieved all my data for me. Top notch service.

Eric Kennedy